I would like to show you how to build the snap functionality at your app.

I would show how to do it with snapping videos like on popular app Tik Toc!

At first, I created an App Component

A lot of developers now haven’t graduated from the University with Computer Science. They become developer from graduated a Bootcamp. But still on the interview is required the knowledge of Computer Science and technical interview for it. So how to fill that gap and don’t go to Uni for it…

There has long been a debate amongst us, developers about which is better out of TypeScript and JavaScript, and I find this particularly interesting considering the vast similarities between the two languages.

JavaScript has been used for web development projects for a long time now as the most popular scripting…

Hooks? What the heck?

Hooks are just functions wrote in JavaScript and add to React Library. Simple like that!

React provides a few build-in Hooks like ‘useState’, but you can make your own Hooks! Pretty awesome!

Hooks made your developer life easier because hooks let you use a function instead of Hooks let you…

Hey! I am going to show you how to host the react project on Firebase.

It’s super easy and simple to set. All that you need is a google account to create the account on Firebase.

Firebase is just a set of tools. It’s like AWS which is Amazon Web Services. It’s essentially the same thing but the user-friendly version and easy to start with. Amazing, right?

Please be aware that Firebase is powerful tools!

Please go to the main page www.firebase.google.com and sign in with your Google account. To do it hit the top right where is the Sign in button.

After, hit the top right where you can click Go to console.

Hey! I would like to show you an easy way to delete any data from your database using a terminal. I will show you in the example of my app: Construction Manager. My App has back-end Ruby on Rails and front-end React. The app allows me to create the meeting…

If you are thinking of building your web app, it would be worth to spend 1–2 days or more on planning, depends on how complex your app would be. That step will help you with organizing your ideas, eliminating errors and plan the structure of the project. …

I would like to aware you about the different and avoid the situation of looking for debugging the code for a few hours when the solution was at changing the const for let!

First I would like to give you advice to NEVER use var. Behind it is a long…

Welcome to the world of Ruby on Rails development!

As you probably already know, Rails is the most powerful framework for web applications!

Remember! Ruby on Rails is a framework, not a language. Probably you are wondering what does it exactly mean…

So Ruby on Rails is a set of…

Have you got a headache with choosing the right method and how to use it in our code?

Not anymore! I will explain you step by step how to use each of them and show the difference. Let’s start!

For sure, you already know that Array and Hash have…

Eveline Szoda

Full Stack Developer with a true passion for making great ideas come true.

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